IB Sewer Scope Inspection Services

Sewer Line Inspections for Seattle and Surrounding Areas.

As a Home Owner Sewer Line Repairs and Replacement can be a costly expense – never say No to a sewer scope …

Inspection Boss is now providing professional, unbiased video inspections of residential sewer lines for Seattle and the surrounding areas. Using our state of the art video inspection equipment we provide our clients unbiased sewer line condition reports.

IB Sewer Scope Inspection Services are performed at the time of the Inspection Boss home inspection only, for a Service Fee of $225.00 in addition to the home inspection fee. A videoed visual observation, using a high-definition self levelling camera, of the main lateral sewer line from the subject property to the City Tap, HOA Tap, or Septic Tank only. IB Sewer Scope Inspection Reporting documents existing site conditions physically and visually accessible during the sewer scope process as of inspection date/time. Services performed in accordance to the InterNACHI Sewer Scope Inspection Standards of Practice (SOP).

Check out the InterNachi’s Sewer Scope Inspection Standards of Practice

Sewer Scope Certified

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